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Chakdaha Ramlal Academy


Chakdaha Ramlal Academy is a co-ed school for secondary and higher secondary level students. There are 1000 students enrolled at this school, making it a large school in India. ....

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Chakdaha Ramlal Academy is committed to encouraging the best in its students, staff, and community. We aim to foster a passion for knowledge, sport....

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The students of Chakdaha Ramlal Academy will remain actively engaged in the learning process as they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible....

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The school instills in the pupils the commitment to be of service to the school, community and nation. It enforces the spirit of giving rather than receiving or taking from others.

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Welcome To Chakdaha Ramlal Academy

A warm welcome to Chakdaha Ramlal Academy. Ramlal Academy is a large HS School of nadia. It is a happy and very popular school with a successful and talented staff, which enjoys a good reputation.

It is very important for you to feel that the school is right for you and your child. We hope that you will find this website informative and helpful in providing you with a genuine feel for our successful and happy school.

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